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  • 2009 Wrapped Up

    My Christmas decorations linger. Maybe ’cause I like to savor the holidays.  The music, the weather, the ol’ Christmas spirit… maybe I like to revel in it all just a bit longer. Or maybe I’m just a bit lazy. But. It’s probably some kinda combination of both. Some people are awesome. They get their decorations […]

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  • Crazy

    Last week was crazy. And I don’t mean crazy-fun-so-many-random-things-happened. I mean, so many tests, midterms, projects, and papers piled into five days, it made me feel crazy. Let me tell you, I wasn’t too crazy about it. Anyway. Went to the High Museum on Saturday because general admission for college students is only $5 this […]

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  • Yellow

    One of the not so great things about being at a college downtown is the parking. And by ‘parking’ I mean ‘the complete lack of parking.’ Let’s be real. Atlanta is great, but there’s barely enough space to drive down the road, let alone leave your car immobile anywhere. Emory, however, does offer a few […]

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  • 20.5

    I want to update my old site. I want to bust out some new wallpapers, a music-vid, screenshots, the whole shebang. But. There’s this time issue. There just doesn’t seem to be a lot of it these days. I’ve always been the sort of person to rush whole-heartedly into things, to throw myself into projects. […]

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