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  • Hungarian Architecture

    I am so honored to be Freshly Pressed! Thank you to WordPress and to you blog readers – so exciting! I love reading all your comments – so uplifting to hear your memories of Budapest, your plans to visit. This city has made such an impact on us all. : ) A few final words…

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  • Across the Danube River

    I posted some photos from the Pest side of the Danube River in Budapest, and now here’s some more from the Buda side! The first thing I saw when I crossed the river: it reads, “confidence in the ancient virtue,” the royal slogan of Franz Josef I, head of the Austro-Hungarian Empire…. The narrow, uphill…

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  • Welcome to Budapest

    I was in Budapest early last week for business, but I also had some free time to explore the city. Budapest has a really great vibe – a laid back, happening place that’s a little reminiscent of Prague with its ornate, colorful architecture. First things first when I explore in Europe: gelato! One popular shop…

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  • A Central European Road Trip

    I just got back in Prague earlier today after a business trip to Budapest, Hungary. I’m in love with Budapest itself, and the road trip getting there was great, too! From Prague to Budapest is about a 5 hour drive – across the Czech Republic, through Slovakia, and into Hungary. From the road along the…

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  • Standing There in Budapest, Part II

      I posted photos of where I’ve been walking in Budapest yesterday, but somehow I forgot this one! It was the first photo I took – when I got a little lost on my first day…. Look out for my next post, “A Central European Road Trip,” later tonight! : )

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  • Standing There in Budapest

    Just a quick update… I’ve been working in Budapest, Hungary for a couple of days – this city is great! I really love it. When I get back to Prague, I’ll have more time to show you some more photos – but until the big reveal, here’s some sneak-peak photos of where I’ve been walking.…

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