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Standing There in Budapest

Just a quick update…

I’ve been working in Budapest, Hungary for a couple of days – this city is great! I really love it.

When I get back to Prague, I’ll have more time to show you some more photos – but until the big reveal, here’s some sneak-peak photos of where I’ve been walking. : )


In front of St. Stephen’s Basilica…


There was an onslaught of rain tonight! I ran through Budapest in the rain to get back to the tram that would bring me home, and took this photo inside the tram….
I’ll get back to Prague tomorrow evening. Stay tuned for more! : )

5 responses to “Standing There in Budapest”

  1. Ahhh! It’s so obnoxiously artsy!!! but yet… I can’t look away….

    Also, your new logo reminds me of a classy wax envelope seal – if you ever have to send out thank-you notes or something you should look into this. it would be super classy.