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  • In and Around Karlštejn Castle

    A couple of weeks ago, I took a day trip out from Prague to Karlštejn. The small town is just a short train ride away through some of the Czech countryside, and the vibe is so different from the bustle of the capital. The views around Karlštrejn are so scenic and calm…. Along one of…

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  • Walking through Prague

    I had a couple of days off work this week, and I spent the extra free time wandering the streets of Prague. I love taking in the city by exploring and meandering. : ) Today, I started my walk near the Vltava River…. The restaurants along this part of the riverside have a great view…

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  • Over the Weekend

    I love weekends in Europe. Last Saturday, I went to a Czech outdoor festival with looots of great food…. And then, on Sunday, I went up to one of the highest places in Prague with great views of the city. There was this calm park… …plus several rose gardens…. And towards the end of the…

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  • This Week in Pictures

    A few photos from this week…. Prague’s Charles Bridge is my new favorite place to be while watching the sun set – it falls behind the Prague Castle and the play of light is amazing…. Love walking along the Vltava River – the riverside architecture is all so unique. I take the tram to work…

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  • A Lazy Day Off

    Today was a lazy day for me. I spent some time meandering around and exploring my neighborhood, plus hanging out at a nearby outdoor cafe. I couldn’t really read the Czech menu there, so I ordered randomly off the coffee section and got this espresso + ice cream + whipped cream drink. It was pretty…

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