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  • A Roman Holiday, part 1

    I got to spend 11 days in Rome, and enjoyed exploring around the vast city that has been home to so much civilization and culture. Rome has everything from quiet gardens around the Villa Borghese… …and ancient ruins from the Roman Empire… …to modern iconic Italian vespas, political flags, accordions, music…. There are so many…

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  • This Week In Pictures

    This week I’m in Rome, Italy enjoying la dolce vita, or the good life. : ) Here are a few photos from the past few days…. Cappuccinos are a must-try in Rome. Italians make some of the best, and my fave is when they sprinkle chocolate on the top…. Back in Germany, I almost never…

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  • Spring Break: Viva Italia!

    Spring Break has officially started, and I’m excited to be spending it in Italy! I’m staying in Rome for 11 days, and making two day trips: Florence and Cinque Terre. It’s been crazy busy at school lately with projects and papers and presentations and research, and I am mega excited to relax and sightsee in…

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