Spring Break: Viva Italia!

Spring Break has officially started, and I’m excited to be spending it in Italy!

I’m staying in Rome for 11 days, and making two day trips: Florence and Cinque Terre.

It’s been crazy busy at school lately with projects and papers and presentations and research, and I am mega excited to relax and sightsee in Italy. Today, my friend Emily and I visited the Vatican and saw St. Peter’s Basilica (including visiting the very top of the cupola on the roof for a great view of the whole city!), the Vatican Museums, and the Sistine Chapel.

Here we are in the square of St. Peter’s Basilica….
st. peter's square.
And for lunch we got our first real, authentic Italian pizza! Yummm….

pizza italiana.
The Vatican + gelato + authentic Italian pizza…. our first full day in Rome was so exciting!

AND! Today, April 21st is Rome’s birthday – celebrating Rome since 753 BC. I love being around so much history. : )

3 responses to “Spring Break: Viva Italia!”

  1. 1. I am jealous.
    a. especially of that pizza
    2. Is it not crowded? I feel like half of the people I know are in Italy this weekend somehow.
    3. Your pictures have rounded corners.

    • On Thursday, we went to the Vatican right at opening and beat most of the crowds. Since then, everything is pretty crowded because so many people came to Rome for Easter!