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  • Business in the Czech Republic

    In school, I’ve always learned that the Czech Republic is one of the prime examples for a successful transition from a communist command economy to a free market economy. Studying economics in a classroom, however, is totally different from living on the frontlines here in Prague. Being here, I can see firsthand the determination of…

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  • This Week in Pictures

    A few photos from this week…. Prague’s Charles Bridge is my new favorite place to be while watching the sun set – it falls behind the Prague Castle and the play of light is amazing…. Love walking along the Vltava River – the riverside architecture is all so unique. I take the tram to work…

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  • The Road to Prague

       Hey everybody, So! I just got back to Prague in the Czech Republic where I’ll be interning this summer. The road getting here was kind of rough – my original flight was delayed, delayed, delayed, and then finally canceled. I had to stay an extra night in Atlanta in a hotel near the airport,…

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Kate J Hollingsworth