Business in the Czech Republic

In school, I’ve always learned that the Czech Republic is one of the prime examples for a successful transition from a communist command economy to a free market economy.

Studying economics in a classroom, however, is totally different from living on the frontlines here in Prague.

old city.

Being here, I can see firsthand the determination of the people and the effort it takes to keep moving the economy forward. I see the dedication to profit margins, the ambitious competitiveness strategies drafted by hopeful deputy ministers, the back and forth dialogue of small private business owners – private businesses that, 22 years ago, didn’t exist.

tiered gardens.

It’s tough though. Under the communist system, customer service-oriented industry wasn’t the focus – so today, this service field is still finding its way. And marketing (an aspect of business obsolete under communism) isn’t embraced 100% yet.

rooftops of prague.

The Czech economy is doing better and better after only two decades, and I think it will continue to develop. Everyone seems eager to meet the challenges facing industry; they’re always pushing on – onward and upward. : )

4 responses to “Business in the Czech Republic”

  1. How awesome to be studying in Prague — a friend of mine just got there a week ago for an internship/study abroad experience for the remainder of the summer. Great pictures — hope you continue to enjoy your time!

  2. Hey Kate,

    looks like you’ve found a lot of interesting places in Prague, huh?
    I’m also a student, doing an internship here for the next three months and I arrived one week ago.
    Is there anything you could recommend – places, shops, restaurants, etc?


  3. The people there are great. But they and the USSR differed in their attitude to work. In the Soviet Union of goods of European republics have always been in great demand and were at much higher quality than those produced in the rest of the Soviet Union.