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Goats in San Luis Obispo, California

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It is August and around here in San Luis Obispo it looks like this:

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How pretty is that view as the sun sets?

There are lots of baby goats hanging out right now….

((Missing Image))

…. working on those balance skills…

((Missing Image))

… and getting some naps in (growing up is hard work!)

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The goats are pretty friendly and don’t mind us hanging out with them….

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And then here’s their friendly protector:

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I love hearing the baa-ing of the goats outside! Some of these kids are starting to jump around – they can have so much energy!

These goats are part of a local sustainable land management business. Goat herds can help with clearing land, managing noxious weeds, and even help lower risk of fire by creating firebreaksPlus they are adorable.

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