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  • Goats in San Luis Obispo, California

    ((Missing Image)) It is August and around here in San Luis Obispo it looks like this: ((Missing Image)) How pretty is that view as the sun sets? There are lots of baby goats hanging out right now…. ((Missing Image)) …. working on those balance skills… ((Missing Image)) … and getting some naps in (growing up…

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  • How to Spend a Day in Cambria, California

    Cambria, California is a small, lovely seaside town about 20 minutes north of Morro Bay. It makes a great stop if you are driving between LA and San Francisco, and is close to some cool sites in the central coast area like Hearst Castle, the elephant seals at San Simeon, and the Paso Robles winery…

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  • Painting the California Coastline – Part 1

    I’m working on an art collection inspired by the Central Coast area of California in and around San Luis Obispo county.  While I’ve been living in Morro Bay for a couple of months, I’ve been especially inspired by the ocean and the colors that form where the sky meets the water on the horizon. I…

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