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Two More Weeks


I had a great Thanksgiving break! Lots of food, fun, and family. The only downside? It ended waaay too early. Photos coming soon!

In the meantime, here at Emory, there’s only about two weeks left of school. It’s crunch time: two weeks packed with papers, presentations, reports, and finals! This is the home stretch, or live-in-the-library time.

My last exam is the morning of final move-out day — so, I’ll probably be one of the last people to leave for winter break.

Since I won’t be coming back to this room in the spring, I’ll be moving ALL of my stuff out right after my last exam.

And! My room was stuffed this year, so I’ve got a lot of things to move!  Check out the closet and bureau:

And let’s not even THINK about all the kitchen/bathroom things!

SO! Packing will be a challenge, but the real problem:  WHERE am I going to put it all when I get home?!

6 responses to “Two More Weeks”

  1. I am sure that if I could fit all of my stuff back in my room, you will be able to. It might take some super packers though….Have no fear, I will pass on my secrets!!!!

  2. The live in library times are here! Mine is live in any coffee shop I see…. If you need help moving out let me know!