Late Afternoons on the Vltava River

Late afternoon and early evening are my favorite times of day to be around the Vltava River here in Prague.

In good weather, people always come out for paddle-boat sightseeing….


And the light slanting in at this time of day is beautiful, giving all the riverside architecture a timeless look…

riverside buildings.

…as well as adding extra sparkle to Prague’s gilded accents…


And the sparkle of the water as the sun sets is the finishing touch to the great atmosphere.

close to evening.

What’s your favorite time of day? : )

5 responses to “Late Afternoons on the Vltava River”

  1. I love early morning when the dawn light is clear before too many people are awake and moving around. This is also when I’m driving to work so I get to see some beautiful sunrises rising up over the freeways lol