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Last week was crazy.

And I don’t mean crazy-fun-so-many-random-things-happened. I mean, so many tests, midterms, projects, and papers piled into five days, it made me feel crazy.

Let me tell you, I wasn’t too crazy about it.


Went to the High Museum on Saturday because general admission for college students is only $5 this month (and this month only! promotion/good hype/plug). We were headin’ there to see the Da Vinci exhibition (a no-photo exhibit).

The artwork was amazing. Included were tons of da Vinci’s pieces and journal pages, as well as artwork by his teachers and some sculptures by one of his students, Giovanni Francesco Rustici. My favorite display was The Battle of Anghiari.

Back on campus, noticed that while my head had been buried in books and papers all week, something had changed. Something was different about the place.

The leaves were beginning to change colors for autumn.

Now there’s something worth going crazy for.

“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” –Leonardo da Vinci