The Fight

Hey everybody,

So, I’ve been absent from the blog the past week or so due to a health crisis in my family.

My mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer exactly 2 weeks ago, and she’s already begun the fight.


The doctor has a lot of confidence in his treatment plan, and my mom has made it well through 2 rounds of chemotherapy so far. Luckily, my dad’s workplace is helping out by giving him the chance to go with my mom for the treatment every week and by providing meals every day.

So far, it seems to be going well.

This has been a big health scare for all of us – my mom had little to no symptoms, no risk factors, and no family history.

It came out of nowhere and caught us all by surprise. Ovarian cancer is hard to catch in the early stages, and we never expected anything so serious to be wrong.

Please be diligent with your health care.

For information on ovarian cancer + how to reduce your risk, check out the info on Dr. Oz’s site: “Ovarian Cancer: Stopping a Secret Killer.”

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Sustainable Food Fair

Each fall, Emory throws a Sustainable Food Fair, featuring tons of locally grown fresh food, restaurants that serve sustainable foods, local sustainable food nonprofits, AND! free samples! There’s always a great turn out, loud music (last year they had banjo players!), and a bunch of cool food to try out or buy.

(‘Scuse these photos – I only had my phone camera on me! Oops!)

The fair promotes all these locally grown, sustainable efforts – but it also aims to inform people about the issue of sustainability. There are info signs around, and the nonprofit representatives are there to answer any questions.

There’s a huge variety of food stands – breads, pie, tea, honey, ice cream, vegetables, pastries, cheeses, yogurt….

And all the vendors are super-passionate about their work and eager to talk to you.

Fresh food, nice people, outdoor music – what’s not to love?

: )

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