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Sustainable Food Fair

Each fall, Emory throws a Sustainable Food Fair, featuring tons of locally grown fresh food, restaurants that serve sustainable foods, local sustainable food nonprofits, AND! free samples! There’s always a great turn out, loud music (last year they had banjo players!), and a bunch of cool food to try out or buy.

(‘Scuse these photos – I only had my phone camera on me! Oops!)

The fair promotes all these locally grown, sustainable efforts – but it also aims to inform people about the issue of sustainability. There are info signs around, and the nonprofit representatives are there to answer any questions.

There’s a huge variety of food stands – breads, pie, tea, honey, ice cream, vegetables, pastries, cheeses, yogurt….

And all the vendors are super-passionate about their work and eager to talk to you.

Fresh food, nice people, outdoor music – what’s not to love?

: )

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