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Still Kickin’

It’s been super busy this past week, and a lot has happened!

First, my Kindle broke. Then my iPod semi-broke. To keep the theme going, I broke my sunglasses… and after that my Internet went out.

So! Now I’m blogging from a cafe with WiFi in one of the malls here in Prague. The malls here seem taller than the ones at home – they’re usually around 4 or 5 floors. This way, they’ll fit better with the compact European buildings.


Also, over the weekend I made it back over to Germany – to Munich! It was great to visit the country again after studying there last semester. : )

Part of the Münchner way of life is enjoying the outdoors, and Munich’s streets are dominated by outdoor cafes, traditional biergartens, and random picnic tables….

a Münchner way of life.

In Munich, I came across my fave German candy that I can’t seem to find anywhere outside Germany.


I bought 5 boxes on my way back to Prague – stockpiling. ; D