Welcome to Budapest

I was in Hungaryt early last week for business, but I also had some free time to explore Budapest. The city has a really great vibe – a laid back, happening place that’s a little reminiscent of Prague with its ornate, colorful architecture.

First things first when I explore in Europe: gelato! One popular shop had this great tulip-shaped gelato – all the flavor, twice the fab. I had the chili chocolate. : )

tulip-shaped gelato.

10,000 Hungarian forint is about $50….

Hungarian forint.

Summers in Budapest are h-o-t! There are lots of fountains all around to give you a chance to cool off…

summer heat.

And outdoor cafes are around every corner! The view at the end of this row of cafes is of St. Stephen’s Basilica, the founder-legend of Hungary and an early promoter of Christianity in the region….

budapest st. stephen's basilica

Hungary’s famous Parliament building overlooks the Danube River….


Buda and Pest were two seperate cities on each bank of the Danube River until 1873. These photos all show the Pest side of the river. I also went across the river to explore Budapest: photos of the Buda side are posted here. : )

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  1. I spent time in Hungary a few years back, so I really enjoyed seeing some of your pictures from your trip! Budapest is a beautiful city, I’d love to go again someday. 🙂

  2. I lived in BP during the mid-1990s and still miss its great beauty — and the incredible public transportation, something we American’s would do well to emulate! I loved the way that people live in the whole city; that is, there isn’t a special financial district or any other district that empties out at night. There are apartments in every part of town, and people are out walking everywhere at just about any time. I don’t know if it’s changed, but I’ve never felt so safe walking at night as I did in Budapest.