Freshly Pressed?!

freshly pressed

I am sooo excited and grateful for the honor of being “Freshly Pressed” yesterday! Thank you, WordPress! And a big welcome, new visitors! I’m thrilled you’re here and appreciate your comments! : )

To answer some of your great questions about sledding in the Swiss Alps….

The sun on the Alps was definitely intense while glaring off the snow! This was something our coordinators had luckily given us the heads up about: bring sunglasses and plenty of sunblock. So I had on tons of sunscreen and fortunately didn’t get burned. It was so bright though – I was squinting even behind my sunglasses!

a big backyard.

Sledding down for 5 miles wasn’t too scary, although you definitely needed to stay on the course and slow down for the turns! To hit the brakes, we just dug our feet down into the snow and it would slow us down.  That made our feet and pants get covered with snow and totally wet by the time we got to the bottom.

road to the swiss alps.

It was really a can’t-miss experience! Such a fun day, and it was even more awesome than I could ever have anticipated!

This week, I’ll be posting about German recycling (procedure = super precise, sort of intimidating), our daily open-air market in Freiburg (beautiful and delicious!), and my field trip underground.. inside the Schauinsland silver mines.

And this weekend, I’ll be hopping the border into France — can’t wait to see France for the first time and share it here!

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QR Codes as Conversation Catalysts


qrcodeImagine the power of placing instant, strategic information in someone’s hand.

Quick Response (QR) codes literally contain that possibility. By downloading an app on your smartphone, you can now scan this special, two dimensional barcode which then translates into information such as text, a url, contact info, etc.

So, for example, if you scan this particular QR code, it will automatically redirect you to my twitter page.

QR codes are essentially condensed information – compact and conspicuous for access on the go. For personal use, you could put a QR code your business card: instantly linking contacts back to your professional profile on LinkedIn. Or, iCandy specializes in loading iTunes playlists, videos, or photos to your code, too, while also enabling your webcam to scan the QR codes.

For businesses, QR codes provide a way to enable a potential consumer with instant accessibility to product photos, reviews, or specs. They can be placed on product packaging, billboard ads, purchased tickets — potentially providing ways to continue a conversation and further engage your audience.

Check out my presentation for some more examples of QR code possibilities:

You can also try making your own personalized QR Code with Kaywa.

What do you think of the possibilities for QR codes? Are they destined to become mainstream anytime soon?

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Summer Intern Blogging – Video Networking


New blog post for Engauge, as part of my summer internship:

“Three Types of Video Networking Sites”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Sharing information is at the heart of social media. Today’s social networking sites harness the power of word-of-mouth and digitize it online. News, music, photos, videos, and more disperse throughout today’s social sphere as people discover and share their Internet finds….”

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