Gulf Coast 2k13

I like to make pictures with film. But… I always take a while getting the film developed. And when I do bring it in? It’s full of surprise, long-forgotten photos.

So now it’s December, and I love the cold. But these fresh prints have me thinking about the warmth of the beach…


…with water at the perfect temperature…


…and kiteflying, because the wind was just right.


Hope you’re enjoying a cozy winter and dreaming of warm summer days.

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Beach Pup

Headed down to the cape in Florida.

Savored some sunsets…

Cape San Blas
Beach Sun
Enjoyed the coast…

Cape San Blas

Bought a new pink hat…
Pink Hat

…and introduced Ella to the beach:

Beach Pup

She loved the cool sand and the wind in her face  –  especially the wind! Ella is now officially a beach pup. : )

photos by pam hollingsworth

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