Working in the Netherlands: Day in the Life

working in the netherlands

I mentioned in the post about moving to the UK that I’d taken a corporate job in the Netherlands, working for the hospital in Groningen. (I’ve since finished up my work there and am now working for a hospital in Belgium – more to come on Belgium!) Back in December, I posted a “day in the life” on my instagram stories and I want to make a home for that here on the blog as well.

No two days are exactly the same with so much travel for work, but here is what a typical Friday looked like for me every other week when I traveled home to Bristol from Groningen.

My mornings always started with a 15 minute walk to work from my hotel. I love getting my blood flowing and mind cleared with the chance to walk in the morning, something I never really do in the States where I almost always commute by car everywhere.

Since this was a day from December, I was turning to oliebollen for a snack because it is popular that time of year. It’s kinda like a beignet – warm, doughy, and topped with powdered sugar if you’d like. Yum.

Friday afternoons I’d start my commute back to Bristol, going from the hospital to the train station to the airport….

My flight was usually right through dinner time, so I liked eating a small meal/snack before and after so that I wouldn’t get too hungry in flight.

Finished my days by kicking off my shoes and relaxing a little before bed. And always leaving all my unpacking till the morning, haha.

Working in the Netherlands was a great experience and opportunity! I love documenting a day in the life like this and seeing how an average day can look so different as time goes by.

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This Week in Pictures

Prague Castle

A few photos from this week….

Prague’s Charles Bridge is my new favorite place to be while watching the sun set – it falls behind the Prague Castle and the play of light is amazing….

Prague Castle

Love walking along the Vltava River – the riverside architecture is all so unique.

Vltava River
I take the tram to work almost every day, and this view makes early mornings worth it:

Commute in Prague

I am officially addicted to Czech cafes. This is inside one of my favorites….

prague cafe

Tourist season is going strong in the city. The mélange of people from all over the world is pretty exciting to see. And no matter where people come from, they all have one thing in common: a camera. : )

Charles Bridge Prague

I’m still learning my way around the small, intricate streets of Prague (and sometimes still getting lost!). But the wandering is usually fun – there’s always something new to stumble across. : )

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QR Codes as Conversation Catalysts


qrcodeImagine the power of placing instant, strategic information in someone’s hand.

Quick Response (QR) codes literally contain that possibility. By downloading an app on your smartphone, you can now scan this special, two dimensional barcode which then translates into information such as text, a url, contact info, etc.

So, for example, if you scan this particular QR code, it will automatically redirect you to my twitter page.

QR codes are essentially condensed information – compact and conspicuous for access on the go. For personal use, you could put a QR code your business card: instantly linking contacts back to your professional profile on LinkedIn. Or, iCandy specializes in loading iTunes playlists, videos, or photos to your code, too, while also enabling your webcam to scan the QR codes.

For businesses, QR codes provide a way to enable a potential consumer with instant accessibility to product photos, reviews, or specs. They can be placed on product packaging, billboard ads, purchased tickets — potentially providing ways to continue a conversation and further engage your audience.

Check out my presentation for some more examples of QR code possibilities:

You can also try making your own personalized QR Code with Kaywa.

What do you think of the possibilities for QR codes? Are they destined to become mainstream anytime soon?

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Summer Intern Blogging – Video Networking


New blog post for Engauge, as part of my summer internship:

“Three Types of Video Networking Sites”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Sharing information is at the heart of social media. Today’s social networking sites harness the power of word-of-mouth and digitize it online. News, music, photos, videos, and more disperse throughout today’s social sphere as people discover and share their Internet finds….”

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Facebook Set to Capture 500 Million Users Milestone


Here’s a copy of my blog post from over at Engauge:

February 2004, six-and-a-half years ago: A small, unknown, self-startup website is born within the confines of Harvard.

Today: That network’s presence seeps into almost every website, every search engine, and every bookmarks bar.

Facebook’s initial presence at Harvard spread to nearby colleges, eventually growing to encompass all universities before consuming high school populations, as well. Launched from a small corner of the Internet, this social networking powerhouse is now nearly inescapable.

This summer, Facebook is set to hit the 500 million users milestone, and an official announcement is expected from them this week.

Other social networking sites trail behind the Facebook giant. QZone, a mainland China networking site, hosts 200 million users (as of 2009). MySpace today lags even further with 130 million, and the newer, popular Twitter still only has 75 million.

Facebook’s userbase is larger than most countries’ populations. Here in the United States, the latest census reports 307,006,550 – nearly 200 million less than the ranks of Facebook users.

In trying to estimate the importance of social media’s role in today’s society, the ever-increasing strength of Facebook is a testament to the outreach of technological engagement.

What do you think about Facebook’s latest triumph?

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