Going, Going…. Not Going!

I made my packing list, checked it twice: everything was ready to go this morning!

The weather outside was frightful. Roads covered in ice, interstates closed, and a lot of very un-Atlanta-ish snowfall.

But we had a plan! Everything was lookin’ good and my family was all ready to head out the door and into that white winter.

And then the call came.

Flight canceled!

So I got spend another day enjoying this weird Georgia weather and kickin’ back with my family. : )

Ready to try it all over again tomorrow!

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Summer Endings

Some more pictures around the downtown office.

It feels like summer has only just begun, and already it’s time to ship back out for school.

Summer 2010 was filled with authentic experiences – a rad internship… traveling solo… and so much more.

(Experience points +30! Level up!)

It’s been a good summer. : )

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this week.


This week started with cake.

And watching a water polo tournament, for the first time.

(Chocolate cake.)

Then! Snow in Hot-lanta. Two inches. And classes canceled.

(Chocolate birthday cake.)

The best part? Old friends. New friends. All together for my one-year-older celebration. 🙂

And! Delicious, soft, chocolate birthday cake with supah-delicious, gooey, chocolate birthday icing.

It’s been a good week.


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Opa! At the Atlanta Greek Festival

A friend and I headed to the Atlanta Greek Festival on Saturday. One of the great things about being at a college downtown is the ease with which you can get places! (I mean… once you get the hang of jaywalking, the sky’s the limit). 

Anyway.  Pretty awesome!  Some dancers came out, from little kids to pro-level people, and did some of the traditional Greek dances from different regions of Greece.  The pro-group even did a more modern Greek dance. And the music was great – the same sort of stuff as you still hear playing in cafés in Greece today.

Atlanta Greek Festival


Atlanta Greek Festival
Atlanta Greek Festival
The main attractions of the festival were some self-tours and lectures in the Greek Orthodox church.

Atlanta Greek Festival

There was also this massive, really cool Greek map in the church, and I just had to take a close up of Athens. What can I say? Athena always was my fave Greek goddess.
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