Monterey, California

Monterey California

I stumbled on these photos from Monterey, California and found myself feeling nostalgic for the California coast. Thought I would post them here and bring a little west coast sunshine to the day. Hope you enjoy these photos.

Our day trip to Monterey from Palo Alto started with walking along the pier and harbor on our way towards the aquarium…

Monterey California
Monterey Harbor

And at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, we enjoyed learning all about the history of Monterey and the aquarium’s conservation efforts while we explored their exhibits…

Monterey Bay Aquarium Fish

And waving at the divers!

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The open ocean exhibit was our fave. And trying to spot the different aquatic life from the viewing platforms of the aquarium…

At the end of the day, we caught the sunset in nearby Carmel-by-the-Sea…

Carmel Sunset

I love watching the sun set over the ocean.

Have a good week~


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Cotswolds Day Hike: Chipping Campden

Dover's Hill Sheep

I think we are finding a new routine: weekend day hikes. Last weekend we walked from Bradford-on-Avon to Avoncliff, the weekend before that was Chew Valley, and this weekend we headed up to Chipping Campden for another Cotswolds day hike to check out the views from Dover’s Hill.

We picked this 4.5 mile walk because reviews said it was “great if you like sheep” – sign me up.

And we did see lots of sheep!

Cotswolds day hike with sheep sightings

We started in Chipping Camden and took some public footpaths through some fields…

Part of our route took through a wooded segment – all of a sudden we were surrounded by trees that were so tall!

england forest as part of a Cotwolds day hike

We followed along a bridleway through the wooded area, marked with horse tracks of travelers who came before us.

And coming out of the woods, we crossed the street to this gate. It’s at the bottom of Dover’s Hill, and we headed through the gate to walk up….

Cotswolds Day Hike: Bottom of Dover's Hill at field entry gate

We made it to the top of Dover’s Hill a bit before sunset. The light was changing rapidly up here, cloudy one minute….

Dover's Hill View from Cotwolds Day Hike
Dover's Hill View with tree

… and full of that golden hour light the next…

Dover's Hill Sheep

After taking in the view, we finished up by walking back down into Chipping Camden.

Chipping Camden
Chipping Camden

I’m loving the fresh air each weekend.

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Walking from Bradford-on-Avon to Avoncliff

Tithe Barn

Last weekend, we went walking around Chew Valley Lake and had such a nice time that we decided to venture out a little further and walk a bit farther this weekend. We walked in the Cotswolds from Bradford-on-Avon to Avoncliff following this trail linked here.

Near the beginning of the walk, we explored the Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn, which was originally built in the 14th century…

Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn

We walked around the historic farm complex a bit, imagining all the people who would have walked around these grounds for 700 years…

After milling around a little while, we rejoined the path and walked on towards Avoncliff to see the aqueduct and grab a bite to eat. The path is a nice, easy walk that follows along the canal.

Here’s a view from the Avoncliff Aqueduct of the picnic tables below….


… and a photo back up of the Aqueduct from our table! It was built in the early 19th century and the canal passes along the top. Great spot to relax by the river, and everything is well spread-out for social distancing.

Avoncliff Cross Guns

A few more photos around Avoncliff:

Cotswolds Avoncliff

And on the trail back towards Bradford-on-Avon…

Cotswolds Road in Avoncliff

Love the dappled light through the trees.

Have a good week!


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Weekend Walk in Chew Valley

Chew Valley Cows

This weekend, we went for a walk/hike around Chew Valley Lake, a reservoir nearby in North Somerset. It was a nice way to stay socially distanced and get some fresh air.

Grebe Trail Grasses in Chew Valley

The Grebe Trail has been marked into a one-way traffic hike as part of the COVID-19 precautions….

Here are some of my favorite photos:

Grebe Trail Walkway
Walkway over the Stream along Grebe Trail

Grebe Trail Bridge

On our way home, we passed these cows…

Chew Valley Cows
Somerset Cows in Chew Valley

A nice day spent outside clearing our heads.

Here is a link to the trail map and guide from Bristol Water.

xo Kate

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Yosemite National Park Photos

Yosemite Waterfall

I’ve got parks and hikes and outdoor activities on my mind lately. (I think it is because it is an activity you can do while maintaining social distancing.) I’ve been researching some good hikes in our area in Southwest England and hoping to explore more of those soon. But in the meantime, I’m thinking back to this time last year when we took a trip to Yosemite. Talk about some beautiful hikes and views. So, here are some of my favorite Yosemite National Park photos from our visit.

First things first – (my favorite) – I totally love all the waterfalls in Yosemite. This one is Yosemite Falls, which is a very easy walk from the Visitor Center…

Yosemite Waterfall

After checking out these falls, we hiked a portion of the Valley Floor Loop Trail in the morning when the air was coolest….

Yosemite Valley Floor Trail beneath the Trees
Yosemite Valley Floor

It includes a great view of El Capitan as you make your way through the valley….

Of course, the Valley Loop Trail gets really hot in the sun on a summer day! So once the day started to heat up, we switched gears to a shady hike out to Mirror Lake.

The water there is nice and cool, perfect as a midday chance to take a break and feel refreshed.

Yosemite National Park Photos Mirror Lake

And near the end of our day, we found a sea of rock cairns….

Yosemite National Park Photos

A nice conclusion to our visit.

You can see the latest information on Yosemite’s re-opening plan and availability on their website here.

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Photos of Bristol in Lockdown

Bristol City Hall

I was reflecting back on 2020’s Spring season and decided to put together some of my photos of Bristol in lockdown. (This is our first Spring in England since moving here last fall.) I did not venture out much as my husband was the designated person from our family to do the grocery shopping, so most of these photos come from late May or early June.

Lots of empty streets….

Even the busiest roads in Bristol were quiet…

Bristol in Lockdown with Quiet Streets

And space to queue outside before entering grocery stores. Someone handling the queue and managing the number of shoppers by counting how many people go in or come out….

Sainsbury's Bristol

In June, some of our local restaurants that had been closed began to open up back up for take-away orders. These places, too, had space to queue outside and barriers to keep employees separate from anyone picking up an order…

We tried to pick up something from a restaurant that wasn’t delivering on days we went out for errands or groceries, hoping to support these business owners.

And of course, always seeing lots of rainbows in windows as signs that, while Bristol is in lockdown, there is lots of support for the NHS…

Bristol City Hall
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Catalina Island, California

Catalina Island

At about this time last year, I found myself at a Catalina Island weekend for the spring art show hosted by the Catalina Art Association. The island was beautiful, the weather was great, and the art fair was a success. Totally loved the weekend spent there, and happy to share some of my favorite photos from the time.

We drove from Palo Alto to Los Angeles and took the ferry out to the island on Friday. The views coming into the harbor of Avalon are calm and beautiful….

Catalina Island

We were up bright and early the next morning to set up for the art show. The sunrise was amazing with the way the light hits the water….

And since the weather was good, a sunny spot on the pier was great for lunch…

Catalina Island Pier
Catalina Boats

One of the things I loved from the island are the architectural details. The tiles of Catalina are all so unique and beautiful…

Catalina Island
Catalina Tiles

On Saturday night, we walked over to the Casino to catch a movie. The path winds along the water…


…to where the Casino perches on the coast.

Catalina Casino

The Casino has been an entertainment hub since it opened in 1929, and is full of historic art deco design. The theatre is like a time capsule:

Catalina Casino

Such a cool space with great atmosphere, and a great way to have experienced a movie.

Sunday was more cloudy, giving the island a bit of a moody seaside vibe. That was beautiful, too, in another way. And I enjoyed taking in the windy seaside views.


It was very idyllic to experience a Catalina Island weekend, and it is easy to see why the place is so popular. I’d love to spend more time there.

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Taking a Cooking Class in Italy

Florence Italy Pizza

Guest post from my sister, Jenny, about her cooking class in Italy that she took while studying abroad in Florence. I was fascinated by all the things she cooked and learned there, so I’m excited for her to share that here!

Hello! My name is Jenny and I’m really excited to be sharing a little bit about my experience taking a cooking class in Italy! When I went to Florence, I knew I was going to study science and travel writing, but there was no way I was passing up the opportunity to take some type of culinary class. The class I picked was Italian Regional Foods in the Cultural Perspective at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute. I chose this one because we got to learn about the cuisine of each region of Italy as well as learn about the history and culture of that region. It was awesome!

cooking class italy

One of the coolest aspects of my cooking class was getting to cook in the Il Mercato Centrale, or the Central Market. We were able to use state-of-the-art equipment in one of the most bustling places in Florence, and visitors could watch us prepare dishes through the glass windows while we paid attention to our chef and his sous-chef describing what to do next. 

LdM Cooking Classroom

Like I mentioned, the class was all about regional cuisine. Each week, we tackled a new region by cooking a famous and popular dish from that region and discussed the historical significance of it. We started in the North with Liguria and moved through Italy, ending with Sardegna.

Some other dishes we made were tiramisu from Veneto, cannolis from Sicily, and of course, pizza from Campania e Puglia….

Below, left: My favorite pasta dish we made was from Sardegna called Malloreddus sardi al sugo di maiale e frutta secca, aka pasta made with pork, saffron-infused dough, and dried fruit. The island Sardegna has been a crossroads for many cultural influences over the ages due to its central location in the Mediterranean, and you can see that legacy in their cuisine. So in malloreddus, for example, the pork would come from Spain to the west while the saffron came from regions further east.

We made the malloreddus from scratch, and used a small ridged board to make the little pasta pieces. It was super fun and super delicious!

Above, right: At the end of the semester for our final, we had to pick a dish to make and present it to our chefs, describing to them the techniques we used and the history of the region it came from. My group chose Tortino alla gianduia con crema di pere, a mini chocolate cake with pear sauce. It was adorable and delicious and our chefs said we baked it perfectly! (Success!)

La Scuola Di Cucina for Cooking Class Italy

It was so enjoyable to be able to take a cooking class in Italy and really learn about the culture through the cuisine. I was able to take the recipes home with me as well, so I would always be able to recreate those dishes again. Thanks for reading through, and thanks to Kate for letting me guest post!

Buona Giornata!

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Waitomo Caves Black Water Rafting in New Zealand

Waitomo Caves

This is a post from my “Photo Rescue” project where I’m rediscovering all my pictures from New Zealand. Read all posts about New Zealand here!

For our time on the North Island of New Zealand, we stayed in Raglan on the coast. (And I wrote a post all about our home away from home in Raglan here) It made a great home base for day trips such as Hobbiton and the famous Waitomo Caves!

Raglan New Zealand

We drove our rental car from Raglan to Waitomo, about 1 and a half hours in the car though the beautiful New Zealand countryside. In Waitomo, we’d choosen to use The Black Water Rafting Co. to guide us through the caves.

Black Water Rafting Co

Guides helped our small group (no more than 12 people max) get suited up for rafting, including a wetsuit, rubber boots, and helmets with headlamps. We did the Black Labyrinth Tour which takes about 3 hours. First things first, they had us practice maneuvering in our tubes… including a jump off a ledge in a nearby river. (Inside the caves you can either jump or climb down in a few places, and we were excited to do the jumps!)

After some practice, we were ready for adventure as we grabbed our tubes and headed to the caves.

Waitomo New Zealand

It is completely dark inside except for the flashlights the guides carry and our headlamps….

black water rafting new zealand

…which makes the experience of seeing the glowworms inside so spectacular. It reminds you of the night sky as you climb through the cave and float down the underground river….

In this photo on the left – we are about to jump off the ledge into more water below!

As we climbed out of the cave, the sunlight felt so bright. Your eyes adjust as you find your way up and out and head back to the hub with the group.

Black Water Rafting Co

If you are interested in exploring the Waitomo Caves in New Zealand, the Rafting Company was so fun and helpful. They also have a longer tour, the Black Abyss, that includes more climbing and zip-lining. Or, if you want a more relaxed experience that doesn’t include a wetsuit or rafting, you choose a walkthrough tour or small boat ride of some different parts of the cave system. And the Ruakuri Cave is wheelchair accessible.

What a great day.

Like many toured areas in New Zealand, the operators as well as conservationists monitor and work to care for the biodiversity and environment health of the caves.

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Bristol England Apartment Tour: Kitchen + Living

Bristol England Apartment Tour

Back with Part 2 of my Bristol Apartment Tour in the kitchen + living area. You can see the photo tour of the bedrooms back in Part 1.

Let’s jump right in!

Living Room

Like I mentioned in part 1 – when we moved, everything we brought with us had to fit in about 6 suitcases. So we have been working hard to get ourselves settled, furnishing our flat and trying to make it feel like home.

We’ve started collecting some art from around the UK – mostly Bristol and Edinburgh so far. I love seeing the art around the flat every day.

Bristol England Apartment Tour
Irises watercolor prints are in the shop

My husband and I both love media and video games – so finding a TV console that could wrangle all our gaming controllers, systems, and TV accessories while still looking presentable was a challenge. I love this one we got from Wayfair – plenty of surface area to hold charging stands for all our controllers and shelving for the game systems. All of our cords are tied up with velcro cable ties and our power strips are supported along the back… hidden from view, neat and organized!

And just across…. I’ve wanted a blue velvet couch for years. Now was my chance!

Bristol Apartment Tour

Perfect for lounging.

Bristol Apartment Tour
pillows from La Redoute and Ikea

Home Office

Since the UK lockdown started in March, my husband and I have both been working from home. We converted our dining space into a co-working space….


The view isn’t bad!

This is our second Stendig calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli. I love the huge size (3 feet x 4 feet!) and the design. The months alternate between white with black numbers and black with white numbers. We use it for meal planning.

Stendig Calendar


My husband (who does all the cooking for us) loves this kitchen and it was a big part of why he liked this flat. And he loves the open floor plan because he can feel like he’s in the living room even while he is cooking.

We picked up those 3 barstools second-hand from a restaurant. I was ecstatic to scoop them up because I love the Tolix style design. Really durable, practical, and comfortable without taking up much visual space.

If you are wondering where our refrigerator or freezer is… both are actually under the counter! I think this is more common in UK flats than in the USA. The double oven takes center stage in the kitchen instead…

And new to our kitchen… an at-home espresso machine/coffee station we put together a couple of months ago. Loving the flexibility it offers, and it reminds me of working as a barista back in college!


The living room opens up to the terrace….

As the weather gets warmer, we are spending more and more time outside – just hanging out. Enjoying the spring. Loving the views.

And that’s it for the kitchen and living area! Hope you enjoyed the photos from this Bristol apartment tour. 🙂

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