Kate J Hollingsworth

is a 5’9″ right-handed left-brained project manager and arts entrepreneur. A tap dance enthusiast, chai tea devotee, and Roman history junkie. Loves paints, pizza, and piano.

Let’s go places, take pictures, and write home about it.

my favorite travel posts

“narrow, uphill streets on this side of the river catch gorgeous shafts of light in the evening”

“home to the longest sledding route in Europe, and it was the most snow I’d ever seen in my life!”

“every stop and overlook along the drive held another beautiful scene”

my favorite art posts

“things that happen before any paint gets on a canvas”

“a video all about watercolor palette set-up… and an acrylic cloud painting tutorial for beginners”

“The gold shimmering highlight on that flower pot: I love metallic accents like that.”

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