Moving to the UK

Bristol England River

Big news! We moved to the UK! 🇬🇧

It has been a whirlwind of changes that happened crazy fast. So now we are based in Bristol while my husband works here & in London, and meanwhile I’m traveling for a new corporate job I’ve taken in the Netherlands.

Moving to the UK…. Lots of change! Exciting! Overwhelming! In the middle of it all, I’m trying to make an effort to slow down some and get to know this city.

Here is a pic snapped one morning while crossing one of the bridges downtown….

Moving to the UK

What makes a new place start to feel familiar for you? Any tips for settling in? So far we are trying to find new favorite restaurants, coffee shops, a local grocery…. you know the drill.

Exploring Bristol is so fun to do. Every side street has something new to find….

Bristol England

Love it.

My husband catches the train to London every other week. He loves traveling by train – they run frequently and (bonus!) no need to measure out your liquids like when taking a flight.

Bristol Train Station

As for me, I travel every other week to the Netherlands with a quick flight to Amsterdam and a 2-hour train north to Groningen. Here’s where I walk into work at the hospital in Groningen….


We synced our work schedules to travel the same weeks and then hang out together in Bristol on our weeks in town. So far, so good! We think we can keep this schedule up for the rest of year.

moving to the uk

Moving to the UK has been such an adventure so far. Can’t wait to settle into this new season of life.



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  1. Oh how exciting! Pictures are so pretty! Really like that train one, and the bridge overlooking the water! Hope you continue to get settled in and enjoy your new adventure!!

  2. The start of a new journey! So exciting and glad that you’re settling in well and get to spend the same weeks at home together. Look forward to seeing more of your adventures in your new phase of life! 🙂

  3. Sooo hope it works out for you two!
    Living here, I cannot imagine why anyone would want to come. The same with most people and places, I suppose.
    You do need those contrasts, though: Groningen.
    It’s the hospital Dutch writer Rudi von den Hoofdakker/Rutger Kopland worked at, is it?