2009 Wrapped Up

Red and Gold Christmas Ornament Display

My Christmas decorations linger.

Maybe ’cause I like to savor the holidays.  The music, the weather, the ol’ Christmas spirit… maybe I like to revel in it all just a bit longer.

Or maybe I’m just a bit lazy.

But. It’s probably some kinda combination of both.

Some people are awesome. They get their decorations up early, and back down again within a reasonable amount of time.

Probably the same impressive people as update their blog regularly.
I am not one of those people.
2009 wrapped up fast, and before I had time to say “Happy New Year!” … well, y’know.
A fall semester highlight:
Jimmy Carter at Emory

Pres. Jimmy Carter came to talk about creativity.
“You gotta have a dream… and confidence in yourself that you will succeed.”
Pretty good advice!
One of the great things about college is all the cool lectures and guest speakers.  And whether or not we agree about different issues, it always awesome to see these famous people up close.

New semester, new year, new decade. Can’t wait to see what happens.

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