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A warm weekend getaway to Lanzarote.

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Stonehenge Heel Stone

Stonehenge Day Trip

Crossed off a big thing on my sightseeing wishlist recently! We did a Stonehenge day trip in December and it was just as fascinating as I was hoping. We visited as a day trip from Bristol, but a Stonehenge day trip is also doable from London. We drove from Bristol and after we parked, we…

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Photography, United Kingdom
Lanzarote Sunset

Lanzarote Weekend Getaway

A warm weekend getaway to Lanzarote was just the thing to brighten up my February. Lanzarote is just off the coast of Africa, west of Morocco, and it’s one of the Canary Islands – an autonomous community administered by Spain. The island is known for its volcanic landscapes, year-round sun, and active holidays for athletes.…

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Photography, Spain

hey there! I'm kate

A 5’9″ right-handed/left-brained arts entrepreneur with a background in project management and marketing. My work brings together my love of travel, inspiration from the places around me, and a knack for to-do lists. From graphic design briefs for company logos to watercolor travel sketches, I always strive to authentically tell the stories of the people, places, or creators I work with. 

Currently based in the UK.